Revenue Solutions, Inc.: Modernizing the Public Sector

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Revenue Solutions, Inc.: Modernizing the Public Sector

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Chris Barlow, President & CEO, Revenue Solutions, IncChris Barlow, President & CEO
“There is a common perception among the masses that government organizations are slow and are technologically behind the private sector in the enterprise marketplace,” begins Chris Barlow, president and CEO of Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI). “And, I want RSI to prove this notion wrong by offering innovative technologies that allow agencies to better streamline government operations and citizen services.”

The company Barlow leads—RSI—caters to the public sector, thereby assisting institutions to improve customer service, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize compliance. The company aspires to emerge as ‘the preferred collaborative partner delivering world-class solutions to enable governments and empower citizens.’ Its flagship product, Revenue Premier, serves as the overarching umbrella that hosts a plethora of enterprise solutions for diverse use cases. For instance, RSI’s innovation engine has been utilized to create mobile interfaces and applications connected to taxation, such that taxpayers have the necessary transparency of information while accessing relevant services. However, this is just one of the many use cases that the platform addresses. In fact, the innovation engine has also been leveraged to visualize clients’ tax data sets, enabling them to participate in taxation, all the while drilling down on actionable insights.

The architectural framework of Revenue Premier not only hosts a multitude of such applications but also provides users with multiple tools for specific use cases. It modernizes a bulk of legacy operations in an integrated manner, empowering clients across their revenue streams holistically. Moreover, the flexibility of Revenue Premier allows the company to partner with its clients and come up with conjoint solutions for various areas of applicability, streamlining the implementation and configuration of the system. “Revenue Premier gives voice to customers, and the platform is a bridge for the meeting of minds, partnerships, and collaborations,” The combination of RSI’s innovation, best of breed software, and collaborative “shoulder to shoulder” partnership with our customers is second to none”,summarizes Barlow.

Revenue Premier gives voice to customers, and the platform is a bridge for the meeting of minds, partnerships, and collaborations

On the customer’s side of the bargain, RSI’s portal application has been well received for its public-facing interface for taxpayers to access their accounts and service functions as and when needed. Be it copies of documentation, correspondence functionalities, and communication-related services, the portal application is conceptually akin to an online banking interface for taxpayers, for processes such as filing income taxes (which were previously paper-based). Similarly, RSI’s Portfolio Warehouse enables clients to aggregate data sets to identify anomalies within the information collected from the users. This feature automates a fair share of redundant and time-intensive operations, such as identifying non-compliant taxpayer behavior that was otherwise carried out by people within the organization. “You can use the power data to detect such anomalies and then leverage RSI’s Audit Manager to meticulously conduct an audit and validate the authenticity of information,” adds Barlow. Such functionalities create a win-win situation for both taxpayers and government organizations.

Consider the taxpayers’ predicament when they call their tax agency with queries that span multiple tax regimes. The personnel interacting with the caller would have to go through numerous legacy systems to answer all the questions effectively. This not only increases the time consumed in addressing customer queries but also makes the whole process inefficient. RSI’s integrated architecture overcomes this obstacle through modularity of applications that work in tandem with each other within the Revenue Premier suite.

RSI is in the process of infusing machine learning and business visualization functionalities, foreseeing an ambitious future. The company is on the verge of launching a pilot of mobile applications that would enable users to better interact with their tax accounts and engage public services. The advancement could also supplement RSI’s labor and future motor vehicle administration services, delivering excellence to government organizations. All of these developments are primed at modernizing public sector services while accounting for compliance requirements and streamlining data aggregation.

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Revenue Solutions, Inc

Revenue Solutions, Inc

Pembroke, MA

Chris Barlow, President & CEO

RSI’s corporate mission is to streamline government operations and improve citizen services through the delivery of transformative technologies. RSI partners with clients on IT initiatives to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency and maximize compliance. With a dedicated team of full-time business and information systems consultants and a suite of software solutions, RSI is one of the largest organizations of its kind dedicated exclusively to Revenue, Labor and Child Support agencies. RSI goal is to provide unparalleled IT consulting services to clients, employees environment operate in a dynamic, small company where creative thinking and entrepreneurship are highly valued