Top 10 Tax Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

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Top 10 Tax Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Regardless of the industries, businesses are increasingly affected by tax, legislative, and regulatory developments across the globe. Consequently, it is vital for companies to understand the impact of these developments on business operations and transactions between countries.

When it comes to the tax industry, this means re-evaluating old processes and challenging tax departments to adopt better systems and new technologies, such as robotics process automation (RPA), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). Be it for the online filing of returns or the use of intelligent tax software that functions with AI and predictive analytics, both industry leaders and tax professionals are increasingly embracing the digital pathways.

CFO Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 tax technology solution providers and consulting/services companies, in an attempt to help organizations across industries harness the potential of technology and navigate efficiently through the highly regulated and complex environment.

It is essential to understand just how tax technology is changing the industry right now to adapt. At a time when the evolution in this sector is fast-paced and organizations, regardless of size, need to gear up to match with the industry trends of incorporating tax technology. CFO Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry such as Rethink Solutions, Revenue Solutions, Taxback International, Kruze Consulting, and VATGlobal.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Tax Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019.”

    Top Tax Technology Consulting/Services Companies

  • Kruze Consulting combines proprietary technology with deep domain and tax expertise to provide sophisticated tax advice to venture capital funded technology startups. The first part of Kruze’s solution comprises of online calculators that quickly estimate common tax questions. The company’s tax return cost estimator allows a CFO to reduce the involved time and cost as if they are shopping for tax filing work. Additionally, through their R&D tax credit calculator, executives can oversee if conducting an R&D tax credit study is worth it for their early-stage company

  • VATGlobal was initiated to help businesses be registered for tax in multiple countries. About a decade back, when technology was almost non-existent, VATGlobal built a centralized software solution called the compliance and filing engine to automate the server and operational side of taxation. This solution enables clients to deal with the national VAT complexities and swiftly navigate through the complicated world of VAT, no matter which country they are in. Besides the technology solution, VATGlobal also gives its clients a hand-holding service or managed compliant service where the client is benefitted account management and support along the way

  • Community Tax, LLC

    Community Tax, LLC

    As a full-service tax company, Community Tax is dedicated to assisting taxpayers nationwide with all of their tax requirements. Initially founded as a tax resolution company staffed with attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents, Community Tax has developed into a leading provider of tax resolution, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting services. They have helped millions of taxpayers from facing challenging situations with both the IRS and State Taxing Authorities, and they understand as well as care about their customers’ individual needs. Moreover, the company’s dedicated tax professionals tailor a tax strategy geared toward the client’s present and future

  • CTMI


    CTMI is a worth-based boutique indirect Tax, Expense, and Audit Solutions consulting firm with a nationwide footprint that has been serving a diverse client base since 1988. CTMI’s unique cloud application connects data, enterprise software, payments, and accruals. CTMI develops exclusive middleware, cloud applications that helps in unifying data, enterprise software, and processing solutions into its proprietary client dashboard. The clients get to access every information 24/7. CTMI drives innovative technology solutions that improve accuracy, simplify complex problems, and save time, so you can get back to doing business

  • GBQ Partners

    GBQ Partners

    At GBQ, their purpose is to empower the growth of people, their communities, and the clients’ businesses. The company is driven by the outcomes that can change the lives of those they work with and for. The tax team of GBQ has the experience to provide clients with a practical approach to address the tax issues. They are tax advisors and represent clients that are entrepreneurial start-up companies to clients that have an international presence. The team delivers timely service with a goal in providing its clients a complete tax position, which generates tax savings and lesser tax liabilities

  • Global Tax Management

    Global Tax Management

    Global Tax Management (GTM) is a major Mid-Atlantic firm that focuses wholly on delivering corporate tax services to mid-size and large multinational, public, and Fortune 500 companies. For almost 20 years, GTM has provided the expertise to construct, operate, and manage tax department functions for its clients. The company offers services for tax provision, compliance, international tax, indirect tax, technology automation, and tax consulting and planning services. GTM is the tax engine for its clients. It helps companies to create sustainable tax processes with the help of automation, efficiencies, and faster response time

  • GlobeTax


    Founded in 1992, GlobeTax was established to master the intricate and fluctuating landscape of double taxation treaties and support all the investors in increasing their investment returns. The company provides withholding tax recovery solutions to fulfill the requirements of every participant in the global custody chain. Besides, the company offers a comprehensive outsourced recovery solution for investors who are looking to recover taxes through relief at source, instant refund, and post-payable reclaim procedures. It procures all documentation, supervises cross-border income, file reclaim applications, handles elections, and perform follow up, ensuring that all entitlements are returned to customer accounts. GlobeTax act as the main tax processing agent for all the four depositary banks issuing ADR in the United States

  • Greenshades


    Greenshades Software, since 1992, handles all the problems that come with running payroll to empower its clients to focus on more crucial things. The company files payroll taxes, provides employee self-service portals, and fulfill many other requirements. It offers free technical support, and customizes its solutions to fit its clients’ exact requirements, and also offer money-back guarantees that make sure that its clients are completely satisfied. Most of its solutions function by incorporating directly into the accounting systems that are already in place, like the Microsoft Dynamics line, thus, enhancing the value of the software

  • Ineo


    Established in 2003, Ineo offers comprehensive global mobility management software, specialized mobility tax services, and outsourced mobility financial management. Giant corporations and relocation management enterprises rely on the company to efficiently handle their global mobility programs. The company guarantees a successful experience for global mobility professionals and the mobile employee, by providing unfailing assistance to their global mobility program, and by developing creative techniques to save their time, stress, and expense. Ultimately, the company minimizes risk and ensures compliance in the intricate world of global mobility. The company is headquartered in Centennial, CO

  • Tax Advisory Services Group

    Tax Advisory Services Group

    Founded in 2011, Tax Advisory Services Group, LLC is a Houston-based consulting company that specializes in motor fuel tax and trade matters covering all the aspects of the oil and petroleum industry. The company is comprised of two offices, the headquarters in Houston, Texas, and another office located in Manila, Philippines. The enterprise is an ensemble of professionals operating together for offering comprehensive federal and state indirect tax services. TASG provides cost-effective client solutions in tax law, penalty abatement, registration and reporting compliance, design and implementation of indirect tax reporting systems, data integrity testing, procedural task documentation, and internal control development