Longview Solutions: The Perfect Partner for Every CFO

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Longview Solutions: The Perfect Partner for Every CFO

CIO VendorVince Beacom, COO
In the wake of the tax reforms and other regulatory changes in the last few years, the role of the modern CFO has evolved rapidly, making them accountable for finance data validation and compliance issues. The need of the hour is a cutting-edge solution that empowers CFOs with financial data at their fingertips to make the right business decisions. Longview Solutions is a company which has a rich history as the go-to data management solutions partner. The company utilizes its technical and financial know-how, partnership with clients and partners, and 25 years of experience in the tax and finance domains to help some of the top names in the industry eliminate their burden of data aggregation and validation. The firm allows CFOs to focus on their primary responsibilities while they solve the data management challenges. “Our holistic solutions enable users to leverage data for financial planning, statutory and management consolidation, financial analysis, and tax reporting,” states Mark Hatton, CEO of Longview Solutions.

Designed with a focus on the CFO’s role, Longview’s solutions do the necessary heavy lifting of consolidation and analysis of data from numerous sources that free CFOs to focus on core business areas. Beyond just tax information, Longview gleans data from other finance areas and provides reporting capabilities within a single solution. The ease of data collection paves the path for aligning the key business drivers. Enterprises can undertake revenue, expense, profit and loss, and cash f low planning using Longview’s planning solution. As these plans are alterable, CFOs can make changes in tandem with business conditions.

Being at the nexus of technological advancements and financial and regulatory developments, Longview’s cloud-based solutions are driven by planning, budgeting, and forecasting models.

Mark Hatton, CEO
Catering to the holistic needs of the office of the CFO, Longview allows CFOs to define business rules that can be easily defined through a simple user interface. “Moreover, we proactively garner inputs and feedback from our clients and add new features to their existing systems that allow them to take ownership and stay on top of the new challenges,” says Hatton.

Their tremendous industry exposure allows them to completely understand the specific challenges around tax and finance reporting and bring to bear the knowledge of its team of accountants, CPAs, and product teams to help the CFOs with the right solution. “Many CFOs recommend us to their peers because of the efficacy and longevity of our solutions. We excel as the dedicated service provider to clients and tax service providers around the world,” adds Vince Beacom, COO of Longview. For business-specific needs, finance heads can perform tax planning and analyze taxes and easily conduct operational transfer pricing and also prepare tax reports country-wise.

Using Longview’s holistic solutions, numerous companies could turn the corner. In one instance, the client was lacking tax-sensitized data and using MS Excel to consolidate the required information. Additionally, the client was failing to meet the deadlines for report submissions. After deploying applications developed by Longview, the client could achieve faster close cycles, automate integration with their consolidation system, and analyze results instantaneously. Eventually, the client could control the data and submit reports before the deadline.

As a strategic partner to the CFO, Longview has been expanding its product portfolio consistently. As the CFOs are dealing with increasing number of functional areas and data sources, the company is busy maximizing its strength in tax, finance, and analytics. Besides its growing footprint across regions, the company has released a new product that will help CFOs and finance teams address the evolving tax reforms.